The PRTAA hosts Specialty Shows and a yearly National Specialty and encourages activities such as hunting and any activity that works this wonderful terrier.   Our members and breeders are available to anyone caring to learn more about this fine old breed of terrier. Our members assemble in various venues and are willing to educate newcomers to the Parson Russell Terrier and to the world of performance events from those who participate in such. Please review the Versatility page to learn more about the various sports events that you and your Parson can participate in.

General membership requires you to be sponsored by two current members in good standing in the PRTAA for the last two years. Your name will be published in our newsletter to give our members a chance to comment. Once your application is cleared your membership is put to vote at the next Board meeting.

Newsletter memberships are available to anyone 18 years of age and older. Foreign memberships are available to all parties outside the US. This membership is comparable to Newsletter Membership in that members will receive all club mailings but are not eligible to vote.

Follow the links to download membership and sponsorship forms.

If you do not know two PRTAA members, do not be discouraged. General Membership is not a requirement to participate in PRTAA events. You can still be a Newsletter Member and participate in club activities until you are able to obtain two sponsors. This process is not designed to refuse memberships, rather to assure that members are committed to the breed and the purposes of the club. Our membership controls the club through the voting process. We therefore want to be assured of new members' understanding of, and commitment to support, the policies and goals of the PRTAA.

Remember it is not necessary to be a member to fully participate in either PRTAA or AKC activities. Use the time before you have sponsors to get to know us, what we stand for, and to enjoy the wide range of activities now available for you and your dog.
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